Spring seems to be a busy time out here! The bees are becoming active again, and we see them out collecting water and visiting flowers. Babies are starting to arrive as well. Our first babies, in early February, were twin doelings born to our LaMancha doe, Dottie. The birth went smoothly, and these little girls have been growing strong and healthy. Once they’re a little older, they’ll be going to a nearby farm as future milk goats. In the meantime, we’re thoroughly enjoying their big personalities and hilarious antics. We expect more kids to be born to the rest of our herd next month!

Helping spread bedding in the goat pen.
Climbing trees and jumping out of them is a favorite activity.
Lawn chairs? For us? You shouldn’t have!










We’ve also had another 13 baby rabbits added to our rabbitry. Lily had six a couple of weeks ago, and Petunia another seven this week. The first litter of bunnies is growing fast and will be ready for processing soon. We’ll be learning to tan the hides and may soon have junior Rex pelts available.

Spring is also bringing changes in scenery, which we’re thoroughly enjoying.



A foggy February day.
Beautiful afternoon.
Just before sunrise.










Our dogs are doing such a good job of keeping predators away that we’re starting to see rodent problems (an area without coyotes and bobcats is a haven for mice!). Our local animal shelter runs a feral cat rescue program, adopting those cats out as barn cats. We brought home two cats and agreed to keep them contained safely for the first few weeks while they acclimate to their new home. Then we provide food (supplemental to what they catch and eat), water, and shelter in return for a reduced rodent population. You can’t see the cats in this picture because they’re hiding, but we hope they’ll get a little more comfortable around us over time. If not, they can have their space.

Temporary home for the new barn cats.

The trees haven’t really leafed out yet, but things are getting pretty green. Last week we took the goats (and dogs) down by the river to enjoy everything that was growing down there.

Green grass and blue skies!

I’ve purchased a French Angora rabbit for fiber production. A few times a year he sheds his long, soft fur and I’m learning to spin it into yarn. Once I have some time to fine-tune the process I hope to have knitted angora products available.

Angora yarn on a drop spindle.
Thing 2, my fiber rabbit.
My spinning nook.


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