We are selling have sold all of our registered American Aberdeen cattle to focus on Kiko goats.

SOLD!!! – Our sire – AD Finton (39576) DoB 11/4/18


SOLD!!! – Two cow/calf pairs with heifer calves

SOLD!!! -AD Fifina (39582) DoB 11/21/18 with DBR Jolina, DoB 12/12/21.

SOLD!!! – AD Fedora (39580) DoB 11/16/18 with DBR Kora, DoB 1/13/22.

SOLD!!! – We are also willing to sell AD Fern (39577) DoB 11/7/18, with or without her bull calf, DBR Kernel, DoB 1/17/22, to an informed buyer. Fern did not take the calf and after several days of confining her while putting the calf to her, we chose to bottle feed Kernel. He is healthy and thriving, occasionally feeds off a reluctant Fern.