When we looked at this property, we immediately thought “goats!” As the property slopes down toward the river it becomes wooded, primarily with mature pecan, burr oak, and cottonwood trees. The undergrowth is thick, but the goats are up to the challenge of clearing it out so that eventually we’ll have beautiful wooded pastures. When choosing our goats we were drawn to the Kiko breed. Kikos were developed in New Zealand to be hardy, parasite resistant, and self sufficient: all qualities we find highly attractive. We started with a few commercial Kiko-Boer cross does, and brought in a purebred Kiko buck whose sire and dam have impressive performance records. The next year, we purchased a couple of high-percentage Kiko doelings to add to the herd. Our goal is to improve our herd a little each year, and to provide high quality breeding stock to our customers. Our herd also includes a LaMancha doe, Dottie, who serves as our family milk goat and is available as a foster mother if we ever need one.
More information on each of our individual goats, including planned breedings and kids for sale, is available through this link.

Our children named our original three does: Vanilla Cupcake, Waffles, and Ginger. SEV Black Mantilla (“Tilly”) and SEV Glad Tidings (“Joy”) joined us in the spring of 2018. Our buck, DHS Spotacus, goes by Spots for short. Wingman is our wether (neutered male), who keeps Spotacus company in the off-season. And Dottie is a LaMancha-cross doe we purchased for family milk production and in case we ever find ourselves in need of a foster mother.

Our 2018 crop of kids was a promising one! With three does kidding, we had four doelings and one buckling. We were quite pleased with all of their growth. The doelings have all been sold, and we’re holding on to the buckling, Pepper, while he grows because we think he’ll make a terrific commercial herdsire.