The Dusty Boot Ranch is a multi-generational family business run by Neil and Karen Kenagy; their daughter Robyn and her husband Aaron Rhinehart; and their grandchildren, Evan, Nathan, and Margaret.

The original Dusty Boot Ranch in Leander, TX

The original Dusty Boot Ranch was the Kenagy family home on 25 acres of pastureland near Leander, Texas, when Robyn and her brothers were growing up. We shared the ranch with cows, horses, chickens, bees, dogs and cats. As the city surrounded us we sold the property and home that were Dusty Boot Ranch, but sustained idea of the ranch in our lives. In late 2016, Neil and Karen proposed to Aaron and Robyn that the two families look for property near the Austin area where they could both live and pursue various agricultural endeavors. In January, 2017, we found that property east of Georgetown.

It will take time for all of our goals for the Dusty Boot Ranch to be realized, but we plan to gradually acquire cows, goats, rabbits and honeybees as well as explore gardening and the production of various items for sale.


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