On the day before Easter, we got a special delivery:

A friend of mine had baby goats who needed fostering, so we volunteered to take them. Best Easter basket ever! We named them Bunny (left) and Cadbury (right). For about a week we bottle fed them, then we were able to get my LaMancha milk goat, Dottie, to adopt them and she’s been raising them ever since. They’re Pygmy-Angora crosses, so not our usual variety of goat! We may keep Cadbury as a fiber wether, but Bunny will be looking for a new home next month since she doesn’t fit into our breeding program.

Most of all, I was encouraged to see that Dottie does exactly what we had hoped she would do in being willing to take on foster babies. Our Kikos have all been terrific mothers so we don’t foresee a need for it, but we know things happen and it’s good to be prepared.

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