No, I’m not talking about mean girls, but baby American Black Vultures.

We went to the property with Ben to look at the fire damage. We’ve lost some big trees and I suspect a few more will die. There has been almost 3 inches of rain this week, so things are starting to look better.

When we stopped by the camp, the assistant director told us there were a two eggs where the vultures had been roosting in the shed area attached to the barn. When we were putting the Ranger away we went back to see the eggs, but they were gone and instead there were two chicks.

One of the interesting things about Vultures is that they will regurgitate when they feel threatened, a truly disgusting self-defense mechanism. When I went back to take pictures of the chicks I got to see that in action.

American Black Vulture chicks in shed area next to barn.American Black Vulture standing behind roadkill lunch.Ben by Oak tree hollowed out by fire.

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