Moving to the ranch

In late December, we started the search for a property where we could revive the Dusty Boot Ranch. We thought it would be a long haul, but in January we found it. After looking into logistics and a bit of negotiation with the sellers, we were under contract! It’s a beautiful property and the sellers were generous in accepting our offer — we’re grateful to them for their part in making our dream a reality. We’ve talked to a few of our new neighbors and everyone has had good things to say about the previous owners. We hope to be as much of a blessing to the local community as they obviously have been.

Now we’re in the process of making the move: packing boxes, setting up insurance and utilities, and preparing to sell our current home. It’s messy and a little stressful, but we’re all excited about where we’re going and that makes it easier. We can hardly wait!

The property is currently in hay, and we’ll continue to harvest and sell that while we work out our long-range plan for the ranch. Eventually we hope to pursue a variety of agricultural endeavors, ranging from beef cattle to angora rabbits to local honey.

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